Queer Pride Games

I had COVID for the first time in December of 2019. I had the hallucinations, dry cough, all of that. Like I do with a lot of respiratory viruses, I developed a secondary sinus infection. Fortunate for me, no one knew what COVID was at the time and all I had to do was lie about how long I’d had symptoms to get my standard dose of stern antibiotics, so there was no slow descent into pneumonia.

I was sick again for the entire month of November, the first respiratory virus I’d suffered from for almost three years. I take no precautions and take no tests, but everyone I was at the party with did test and tested positive.

Once again, a secondary infection. Once again, I got my sinus infection diagnosis and my antibiotics. I’m back to normal, but my friends are not.

The woman I caught it from had received her fourth booster the day before. She and the rest of the party are still sick and reporting weird gastric symptoms I never had. I watched them exchange horror stories on Facebook and assure each other that the vaccines are doing the job they’re supposed to do.

Anyway, here's some queer pride games.

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